Russell Armstrong

The season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sent to media outlets well before news of Russell Armstrong’s tragic suicide, documented a couple trying to rebuild a fragile marriage that was put in the spotlight during the show’s first season. It’s a somewhat jarring episode to watch, in light of not only today’s news, but Taylor’s claims to People earlier this month that Russell allegedly abused her physically and emotionally. (He denied some of the abuse charges.) Read on to learn what happened in the premiere. (SPOILER ALERT for those who wish not to know.)

At the start of the premiere episode, Taylor shops for sexy lingerie with two girlfriends, hoping an itty-bitty costume will re-invigorate their physical relationship. But viewers of last season know problems with the Armstrong’s marriage ran much deeper than problems in the bedroom. As she reveals in the upcoming season, the couple had agreed to attend therapy to work out their issues. “Russell and I really discussed whether or not we wanted to work on our marriage and make some significant changes or whether it was time to call it quits,” she says in the episode. “We both decided that we wanted to put in the effort.”

But when Taylor brings up the topic of therapy at Adrienne’s dinner party later in the episode, Lisa’s husband, Ken, is not quite enthusiastic about the idea of reaching out for help. “If I had to go to see a therapist to make my marriage better, I would feel weak.” The comment sends Taylor into a tailspin — and to the bathroom to cry, telling Kyle, “I’m trying to keep my family together.”

Bravo has yet to say whether they’ll re-edit the season, which is slated to premiere Sept. 5, or how the network plans to address Armstrong’s death.

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