Popcorn Soda
Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

Earlier this summer, my colleague Sandra Gonzalez aired her grievances about movie theater food smugglers and what constitutes as acceptable meal etiquette (candy, snacks) and what doesn’t (a cheeseburger). While the great smuggle debate still rages on, a movie theater in New York has made their stance on dinner and a movie clear: They go together like popcorn and soda. Except in this case, popcorn is deviled eggs and soda is sparkling wine. Bon appetit!

The newly-opened Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn not only offers gourmet meals (created by chef Saul Bolton) inspired by the very movie you are watching, but they are brought directly to you while you watch said movie. While you take in the Tribe Called Quest doc Beats Rhymes & Life, you’ll be able to chow down on ham and eggs. If Midnight in Paris is more your taste, for $11 (in addition to the $11 movie ticket), you can dine on a country pate. (And yes, Nitehawk still does offer old standbys like the aforementioned popcorn and soda.)

Sure, there are some definite pros to this scenario (you don’t have to wind up at Applebee’s again following a late movie; the deafening silence of awkward dinner will now be drowned out by a movie), I still have some concerns. Mostly, loud chewers (popcorn is one thing, pickles is another entirely) and a variety of smells that our Spy Kids: All the Time in The World in 4-D card simply did not alert us to.

But what do you think, PopWatchers? Is the idea of fine dining during a movie whetting your appetite or does the idea of someone with a smoked brisket sandwich in the seat next to you make you queasy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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