Lady Gaga's music video career has had some spectacular highs (the multiple VMA-winning "Bad Romance," the more epic than epic "Telephone") and confusing lows (the ill-advised Madonna homage "Alejandro," whatever was going on in the "Eh Eh" clip).

So far, the videos from the sold-a-million-in-a-week Born This Way have fallen somewhere in between, but her latest "Yoü and I"—which just premiered on Perez Hilton even though it was supposed to be unveiled on MTV on Thursday night—might finally be the epic that everybody has been waiting for this time around.

In the six-minute clip for one of Born This Way's best songs, Gaga appears in a number of different guises: In the opening set-up, she's a cyborg on her way to a funeral. In another, she's a mermaid (which Bette Midler is probably still not cool with, even though she says otherwise). She also shows up as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone, who is either channeling Serge Gainsbourg or Cate Blanchett's version of Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes' I'm Not There.

Strangely, the most compelling version of Gaga is Calderone's love interest, also played by Gaga. But rather than come up with a different costume or persona, she doesn't wear any makeup or crazy outfits. She's just Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, playing a piano in the middle of a corn field—with a little making out on the side, of course.

Think there's a lot going on? You're right! Watch the whole thing after the jump.

Though there aren't any intergalactic fireworks or cameos by legendary saxophonists, the video for "Yoü and I" feels like the strongest and most striking of any of the clips from Born This Way. However, it still has some of the same narrative issues that plagued "Judas," which was visually interesting but didn't seem to add up to anything.

This time around, there are plenty of fun images and some cool dancing in a barn, but why is she a mermaid? What's up with Jo Calderone? What does it mean when one of Gaga's personae gropes another? Shouldn't the fabric of the universe be torn, or is that only a rule in Timecop? And is this meant to be some sort of mash-up between Splash and Field of Dreams?

If you have the answers to any of these questions, or have any Gaga-related questions of your own, drop them into the comments below.


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