By James Hibberd
August 15, 2011 at 03:51 PM EDT
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Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter has cancelled his Twitter account, putting an end to his outraged and entertaining tweets about the TV industry. The move comes after Sutter drew a flurry of headlines for blaming the firing of Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont on Matthew Weiner’s lucrative Mad Men deal, as well taking on the TV Academy for Sons being snubbed in the Emmys.

As the showrunner eloquently explained on his blog:

“I’m a guy desperately in need of buffers. I have big feelings, big reactions, big emotions. All the things that serve me as an artist, but challenge me as a socially-responsible human being. I’ve learned in most areas of my life, to bounce heated choices off other people. Co-workers, my agent, my wife, a sponsor, etc. A majority of the time, that keeps me on the right side of things. With Twitter, there was no buffer, just me, my big feelings and my big opinions. I don’t regret any tweet, nor do I apologize. Everything I said was done in the spirit of social conversation, free speech and was my opinion. Right or wrong, I said it, I own it.

I also don’t blame anyone for my exit. No one chased me away except me. Yes, the lazy blogosphere has given up on journalism and now trolls Twitter for their on-the-record in-depth articles. Yes, the hate outweighs the love. But my deactivation was pretty much self-preservation. Eventually, I would have said something that got me or someone else buried in a suffocating pile of irrevocable toxic man s–t … The whole Twitter phenomenon is really indicative of what’s happening in this country. And I say this in condemnation of myself as much as anyone else — we are growing into a nation that has no time, desire or capacity for truth. All we can handle is 140 characters of knowledge. Headlines, spin, soundbites. We want other people to tell us what we should think. It’s just cleaner and easier that way. Awareness, compromise and understanding are no longer tools in our social toolkit.”

Of course, Sutter is posting this on his blog. And it’s nearly as easy to throw up a quickie blog post as it is to compose a tweet. So we can only hope Sutter’s voice still weighs in from time to time…

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