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August 15, 2011 at 08:13 PM EDT

Kevin Smith’s upcoming hockey saga Hit Somebody is getting so big, it needs to take up two separate movies.

The Clerks and Chasing Amy filmmaker has said this movie, based on the Warren Zevon song, would be his last — Smith plans to focus his efforts entirely on his podcast empire and plans to become an indie distribution mogul.

At a Q&A in Montreal for Red State — his recent u-turn into horror, which he is self-distributing, road-show style — Smith dropped the news that the hockey movie was becoming two films, according to the Canadian news site Hour Community. (Smith retweeted the link, in apparent confirmation.)

The director has released parts of his work-in-progress script, which can be read here. In his intro, he says, “It’s 1961 and our lead character, Buddy McCracken, is 11. Buddy’s suffering from a personal loss when he’s visited on his family’s Saskatchewan farm by the man who’ll be his first hockey coach, Blue Jay Jennings (written for John Goodman).”

Smith has indicated in the past that he is open to partnering with a studio on Hit Somebody, though it sounds like he’s already making big decisions regardless of any future partnerships.

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