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Less than 24 hours after So You Think You Can Dance frontrunner Melanie Moore received 47 percent of the vote to be named America’s Favorite Dancer, she shared her feelings with EW. “I feel so blessed,” she says. Then in uncharacteristic fashion, the Georgia pixie admitted that she was confident going in to the finale because she was “out for blood.” So what else did Melanie have to say that will surprise you? What was her one complaint about the show, and where does she see herself after the tour (hint: there may be a watermelon coming her way!)? Read Melanie’s interview after the jump.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Hi, Melanie. Congratulations!

MELANIE MOORE: Thank you very much.

You won by quite a margin. What do you think it was about you that captured people’s hearts and got them voting?

I don’t know. I’m honestly just so grateful. I can’t wait for the tour so I can meet a lot of the people who voted for me every week and kept me safe every week. I really still can’t even believe it. I feel so blessed, and I hope that dance has touched people the way that dance touches me… or just made people smile. I hope people enjoy it.

How were you feeling going into last night’s finale?

Along with everybody else, I was confident in what we had done on Wednesday. I think all of us were sort of, like, “Well, we did the best that we could, and now it’s out of our hands.” Standing up there next to Tadd and Sasha and Marko, I honestly don’t know how people picked because I don’t have a favorite out of all of us. I did agree with Nigel — I thought it was going to be a girl because Sasha and I have just been go-getters. We’ve been out for blood, I felt like. We’ve been trying to take on every challenge that we can, as quickly as possible, and as hard as we can.

As the eliminations were rolled out, it seemed like you were especially emotional when Marko was told he’d gotten third place.

Marko and I are super-close. He was my partner for five weeks, so you develop a connection with somebody. When we were able to dance together again, we were able to revisit such great memories of where we had started the experience. I know how bad he wanted it, and I know how hard he worked for it. I definitely attribute my win to him, because without him as my partner, I don’t think I would have done as well.

Do you think there’s a trip to Guam in your future?

Maybe! Who knows? He says good things of it, so hopefully.

What was the highlight of the season for you beyond dancing?

I really loved all the guest judges this season. I feel like having them come in and critique us was like a party every week! I was so grateful that I was able to get such amazing choreographers. I had the best time.

What was your favorite routine?

Either [Mandy Moore’s ] “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Neil, just because it was so free and I felt like I was jumping around the whole time, or maybe the statues [Ingrid Michaelson’s “Turn to Stone,” choreographed by Travis Wall]… [or] “Game On” with Sasha. I think those are probably my top three favorites.

What were some of the other contestants’ dances that stuck out for you?

I loved the Argentine tango that Caitlynn and Pasha did. I was so jealous because I got the Viennese waltz with Pasha, and Caitlynn got the sexy Argentine tango. I was, like, “Caitlynn, why do you get to be so sexy with Pasha?”

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced this season?

The hardest thing was really putting myself out there for the judges. You put everything you have out there, and they can tell you that they don’t like it and that it didn’t look good. It’s really scary, and that was a challenge: to be very open and let myself get that criticism.

The tour is coming up, as you mentioned. What are you looking forward to about hitting the road?

I can’t wait to just really perform these routines for America rather than compete them. I can’t wait to get into them and really enjoy them and be able to let loose!

After that, what is your next step? Have you talked any more to Kenny Ortega about Dirty Dancing?

No, I haven’t. I think I should because that would be an amazing opportunity.

You could be the next Baby. You could carry a watermelon!


Was there anything this season that you were excited about doing that didn’t happen?

I really wanted to do a Latin ballroom, and I never got to, and I’m very upset. I thought I was going to get to in the finale, but we all ended up getting our own styles with the all-stars. I was so jealous of everybody that got to do Latin ballroom. It’s my favorite, and I want to train in it so bad.

Something to conquer next!

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