By Darren Franich
Updated August 11, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Take a good, long look at this picture of Daniele from yesterday’s veto competition. Doesn’t she look happy? Laughing at the misery of her fellow housemates, swanning around the house in a free-feeting toga, generally looking for all the world like a decadent robot laying back on a couch that is actually her own body. Well, prepare yourself Dani…because tonight, Rome will burn to the ground! Thanks to a weeklong three-ring circus of contestant backstabbery, twist-happy producer meddling, and the wild-card insanity of Lawon, tonight’s eviction episode promises to be one of the gamechanging hours of the season. Lawon has begged his fellow housemates for elimination, under the assumption that he will be instantly returned with powers far beyond those of mortal men. What he doesn’t know is that, if and when he is eliminated, he’ll have to face off with one of the first four evicted housemates…and the winner of that challenge will get to return to the house. UPDATE: The votes are in, and a new houseguest has been eliminated, and the competition to return to the house has resulted in one evictee returning. Find out what went down…(SPOILER)

Lawon was voted out unanimously. His whole “I’ll return with superpowers” plan instantly went out the window when Julie revealed the twist. Proving that nothing on this earth can stop the Two-Headed Brenchel Juggernaut, Brendon received over 1 million votes from America — which, by the way, we live in a nation of strangers, and I love every one of them — and soundly defeated Lawon. So Brendon is back, Rachel is happy, Team Veteran is back to full power, and Daniele wasn’t smiling anymore.

Insanity, viewers, insanity! Talk about the episode in the comment boards, and hit me up on Twitter with your immediate thoughts. Don’t forget to read my recap later tonight. (UPDATE: Click to read Darren’s full Big Brother eviction recap.)