Erica Cerra Eureka
Credit: Schroter/Syfy

Eureka fans, brace yourself for one more twist.

You know the show was renewed for a sixth season, canceled, then had its final six episodes retracted. Now Syfy is adding one final hour to the show’s upcoming fifth season so writers can wrap things up. It doesn’t take a math genius to calculate the fluctuating final episode count for Eureka, but it doesn’t hurt either (13 + 6 – 6 + 1 = 14). And that is it — no more revisions (we think).

It seems production on season 5 is nearly finished, and episode 13 is one of the show’s characteristic cliffhangers. Producers needed an extra hour to give fans any kind of closure.

Erica Cerra, who plays Deputy Jo Lupo on the show, spoke to EW about the cancelation. A month ago, she said, the cast was still optimistic. “I figure we were getting sixth season for sure, 13 if not more,” Cerra said. “Then we learned we were only getting six and were disappointed — the numbers were going up and the show was getting better. But we were still happy with the six and knew they could have created a great ending.”

And then…

“The final blow,” she said. “Yeah, that was just sad. There’s no other word to use. It was a sad moment. We weren’t prepared to say goodbye. Hopefully the final episode will do the show justice.”

The Smallville and Battlestar Galactica vet said she has no idea how writers are going to wrap things up, though she did have some hopes for Deputy Jo.

“Maybe they’ll be a softer side to Jo,” she said. “Maybe she’ll get domestic and have lots of children. Or maybe she’ll finally be sheriff.”

Overall, Cerra said the experience of working on Eureka has been terrific. “There’s not even the smallest hint on sarcasm; I say with utter sincerity I really really enjoyed working on this show and the people I worked with. And I love the show.”

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