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If you managed to make it through the nerve-shattering Final Destination 5 trailer — or at least saw some of it through your fingers — then you most definitely canceled your scheduled laser eye surgery caught a glimpse of Miles Fisher. But if, in the midst of your abject terror you also found yourself wondering, “Where do I know him from?!” the answer is right in front of you: The Internet.

Over the past few years Fisher has become something of a viral sensation thanks to the instant classic Pinkberry: The Movie, as well as his hilariously exaggerated Tom Cruise imitation from Superhero Movie and an inspired, albeit NSFW, homage to American Psycho featuring his cover of the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”.

Now, Fisher has caught the attention of the web again thanks to his latest clip, in which Final Destination meets Saved by the Bell and nothing at The Max is ever the same again. In the video, which is set to Fisher’s latest catchy single “New Romance” (a tune he recorded with Rooney front man Robert Schwartzman), the 28-year-old rising star plays a Zack Morris-like character whose equally 90s-centric pals (i.e., his FD5 co-stars Emma Bell, Nick D’Agosto, P.J. Byrne, Ellen Wroe, Jacqueline Macinnes Wood, and David Koechner) all croak one by one in some pretty horrific ways.

Watch the full clip below. Fair warning, things get a little messy.

EW caught up with Fisher (pictured above in a scene from FD5), a self-proclaimed Saved by the Bell fanatic, to discuss how this latest viral video came to be, which celebrity alerted him to the news that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has seen the clip, and what it’s been like working on other non-FD5-related projects, including his next music video and J. Edgar.

While it would be easy to assume that Fisher only made the clip as a tongue-in-cheek, if not incredibly well-timed (in case you haven’t noticed, the 90s are back in a big way as of late) way to plug his movie, it was actually fulfilling a life-long labor of love for the actor. “I basically have always been looking for a way to dance with Kelly Kapowski my whole life, that was my dream growing up,” Fisher jokes to EW.

But before slipping on those acid wash jeans, Fisher and his frequent collaborator, Dave Green — in addition to directing “New Romance” he also was behind the camera for the American Psycho spoof — came up with the concept and how exactly to execute it.

“The research for this video was so much fun,” he says. “Dave and I had marathon sessions of watching every season of Saved by the Bell. We also watched a lot of other early 90s sitcoms like Boy Meets World and Clarissa Explains It All to try to shoot it in the same way. We thought, ‘Gosh wouldn’t it be fun and subversive to have Final Destination-type deaths in this safe, [sitcom] world?'” Next: Getting the green light from his cast mates and Warner Bros. to make the vid. “From day one they were totally on board,” says Fisher. “They thought it was really cool.”

Sure, it was something of a risk by taking beloved characters, settings, and even episodes (there’s a brilliant nod to the classic “I’m so excited, I’m so scared”) and then impaling them to death, but fans, if anything, have been eating it up. The clip, which was released last week, already has over 300,000 hits and counting.

“For me, it’s not viral when everybody’s seen it, it’s when people have seen it more than once,” he says. “A lot of people have watched this video a couple of times because it’s so detailed and so rich, you catch new things each time.” (In fact, horror buffs had better look especially close to the video, as it gives away a hint about FD5, which hits theaters this Friday. “One big, big clue in the video is that it takes us back in time,” Fisher teases. “That’s all I’ll say.”)

Still, at this point it seems just about everyone has seen it, including none other than Mark-Paul Gosselaar. In fact, it was Joe Jonas (yep, that Joe Jonas) who alerted Fisher that Zack Morris himself had seen the parody. “I got a text from [Joe] just the other day saying, ‘You’re not going to believe this, I’m sitting in the airport and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is here on his laptop and I went over and was like, ‘Dude, you gotta check this out’ and he was already watching it!” So did he like it? Says Fisher: “We got Zack Morris’ blessing, which is good.”

With or without MPG’s blessing, Fisher was already well on a fast-track to fame. In addition to his role as Peter, an executive who “unhinges” when everyone around him stars dying, in FD5, Fisher will also appear in the Clint Eastwood’s eagerly anticipated biopic J. Edgar, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, as “a young FBI agent who is basically ghostwriting [Edgar’s] biography.” Raves Fisher: “Between him and Clint Eastwood and Armie Hammer, it just doesn’t get any cooler.”

While Fisher says he will continue to pursue his burgeoning acting career, music is still a top priority. In fact, Fisher, who has no concrete date set for a full-length album (his singles, however, are currently available on iTunes) will be releasing another track this September. As to be expected, there will be a video to accompany it, this time with one featuring Secret Circle actress Phoebe Tonkin.

“We just finished shooting it,” says Fisher. “It’s not spoofing anything, it’s just totally original concept, with heavy visual effects. For now it’s just about putting out these singles and hoping to make fun music videos with an original concept that people enjoy.”

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