By Shaunna Murphy
Updated August 09, 2011 at 03:18 PM EDT

“Adult men don’t babysit things,” says a pre-weight loss, Superbad-esque Jonah Hill in the newly-released trailer for David Gordon Green’s comedy The Sitter. This disputable fact doesn’t stop the unemployed coach potato from hopping in the minivan to take three uniquely unwieldy children on what appears to be the babysitting adventure of a lifetime. Watch as Hill and friends encounter a sexually charged Ari Graynor, a pair of psychotic drug dealers, and Method Man! See the full trailer below:

Despite the disappointing lack of Sam Rockwell, this trailer seems to promise some Pineapple Express levels of fun. The criminally underused Graynor should be perfect as Hill’s over-sexed suitor, and Hill has some raunchy, funny moments with the kids.

The Sitter hits theaters Dec. 9. Will you borrow the keys to the minivan and save up your hard-earned babysitting money to go?