WARNING: The video at the bottom of this post contains extremely graphic images of an animal slaughter. As they say on TV, viewer discretion is advised.

Ludo Lefebvre, the irascible star chef of the Sundance Channel’s Ludo Bites, has no problem firing insults at the cooks and waiters who help him launch his weekly pop-up restaurants around America. But shooting an actual bullet at an animal destined for the dinner table is a different story. In this exclusive clip, Ludo is visibly shaken as he shoots, skins and butchers a buffalo for his newest restaurant in Denver — and then, following what he says is a Native American tradition, he takes a bite out of its heart. “I’m going to respect her,” he says over the animal’s body. “I’m going to make her taste so good.”

Folks, this is seriously gross — some might even say disturbing — material, and definitely NSFW. The gore in this video will probably shock anyone who hasn’t hunted an prepared an animal carcass before, and it serves as a potent reminder of what it actually takes to put food on many of our plates. As the clip states, Ludo used the meat to feed over 100 people the next day at Biker Jim’s, a Denver hot dog restaurant that Ludo commandeered for day. Check out the clip below — and, if you’re still hungry for more, watch the full episode of Ludo Bites tonight at 9 p.m. ET on the Sundance Channel.

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