By Ashley Fetters
Updated August 09, 2011 at 08:44 PM EDT

Couldn’t get enough of that Young Hollywood-filled Best Coast video for “Our Deal” last week? Don’t worry. Director Drew Barrymore figured you would be, so she packed a second helping of the punk-rock Romeo & Juliet-style love story.

The extended version of the clip is now online via MTV, now with seven more minutes—and much more storyline of our central pair’s star-crossed lovers Veronica (Kick-Ass it girl Chloe Moretz) and Lucky (Tyler Posey, the teen wolf from Teen Wolf)

The two hail from rival street gangs in the stylish urban wasteland known as Los Angeles, and their star-crossed love brings ill luck on their friends and themselves. There’s a dance fight, nifty jackets, and a tragic misunderstanding that leads to a tear-jerking end—all accompanied by Best Coast’s dreamy soundtrack. Watch it here:

(See some familiar faces? So did we—though a few of them seem to have grown up a little since we last saw them! That’s Nickelodeon sweetheart Miranda Cosgrove as Veronica’s slain friend, and her protective, aerosol-wielding older sis is none other than Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat.)

What do you think, Music Mix fans? Is the expansion of Best Coast’s video an improvement on the original version? Or should music videos aim to keep it short and sweet?