There’s a lot going on in the trailer for the upcoming Brett Ratner action comedy Tower Heist: Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz songs, Alan Alda as a Bernie Madoff-like villain, Gabourey Sidibe doing a Jamaican accent (while hitting on Eddie Murphy), Ben Stiller doing what appears to be a Queens accent, and Casey Affleck more or less reviving his role from the Ocean’s movies.

However, we’ll narrow down the plot as best we can. A group of disgruntled luxury apartment employees, lead by Stiller, attempt to take down their wealthiest resident (Alda), who defrauded all of them from their pension plans. With the help of a recently-released ex-con (Murphy) who has a knack for robberies and making fun of kids who endure seizures, a plan is in place to nab $20 million. Of course, what high-stakes, ensemble comedy would be complete without plenty of shenanigans to boot? Here there’s Stiller getting clotheslined by Téa Leoni and crashing the Macy’s Day Parade, Michael Peña buying ski hats instead of ski masks (for warmth!) and Matthew Broderick’s unconventional plan for surviving getting shot in the face (not surviving!). Watch the full clip below.

Trailer Heist is expected to break into theaters on Nov. 4.

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