By Christian Blauvelt
Updated August 08, 2011 at 01:45 PM EDT

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, those shamelessly nerdy funnymen from across the pond, are usually game to mash-up just about any genre in their movie-geek blender. Just look at this year’s Paul. An extra-terrestrial bromance about a British duo on a Comic-Con pilgrimage who help a Seth Rogen-voiced space alien escape the feds, Paul feels like what would have happened if E.T. had been produced by National Lampoon.

And yet it took Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Joe Lo Truglio to give Paul jazz hands. In “Paul: The Musical,” a bonus feature on the Blu-ray release coming out tomorrow, the threesome reimagine their characters — trailer-park manager Ruth and inept Special Agents Haggard and O’Reilly — if the movie had instead been a two-minute Broadway spectacular. Prepare for some full-lunged power-balladeering because EW’s got an exclusive video sneak peek at “Paul: The Musical” after the jump.

“When you make a movie, you have a lot of free time on set,” says would-be crooner Lo Truglio. “‘Paul: The Musical’ was the result.” Apparently, Pegg had been toying with shooting a hypothetical sequel called Pauls in between takes, but the musical resulted instead. “We thought of a musical because music’s such an important part of so many science-fiction films, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where the aliens use music to communicate,” Lo Truglio adds. “You just take that concept, and run it into the ground.”

Broadway should be on guard because the Reno 911! star hints that only time and budget limitations constrained his original vision. “Originally, I imagined a kickline of aliens,” Lo Truglio says. “They would have been the best puppets you’ve ever seen. They would have put The Lion King to shame.” Well, if he wants to take the Great White Way by storm, we do hear that Julie Taymor is available.

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