When viewers get their first look at ABC’s Once Upon A Time in October, the four Lost references in the pilot won’t be the only influence the dearly departed series has had on the fairy tale-centric new show.

“Damon [Lindelof] has been a godfather for us,” said executive producer and creator Edward Kitsis, a former co-executive producer on Lost. “He’s one of our closest friends. And when we first sold the show to ABC, were like, ‘What do we do?’ So we went to his couch…” “…and we started crying,” fellow co-creator and Lost creative team alum Adam Horowitz finished.

Among the references Lost fans might notice? A door labeled No. “108” and a close-up of an eye. “His name isn’t on the show, but his DNA is in it,” Kitsis continued. “He’s been like a godfather, helping us realize our vision of the show. He wants it to be our own show, but he helps when he can and sometimes he gives us tough love.”

The creators also said the series will focus less on the mythology and more on the character in the tales they tell. “We were much more interested in why Geppetto wants a boy so bad he’d build one out of wood,” Kitsis said.