By Ken Tucker
Updated August 06, 2011 at 06:55 PM EDT

Rescue Me producer/co-creator Peter Tolan decided to wake up the jaded gathering of the Television Critics Association by dropping his pants mid-way through a press session on Saturday morning.

The genially profane FX drama-comedy starring Denis Leary proved to offer a genially profane press conference. “We had a f—in’ blast for seven years,” said Leary of Rescue Me, which is in its final season. “This has been the greatest experience, besides Operation Dumbo Drop, of my career.”

Acknowledging that the assembled press corps had been at the summer TCA event for two weeks listening to the networks hawk their fall wares, Leary said he promised to swear copiously to liven things up (he did) and Tolan threatened to drop his trousers to jolt some energy into the room.

And then he did, dropping trou to reveal a green striped speedo affair. I think. I averted my eyes, delicate soul that I am. After one critic remarked that Tolan had a “nice package,” Tolan shot back, “CAA handles all my packaging.” After this, any talk of Rescue Me‘s serious themes, including its series ending plot about the after-effects of 9/11, pretty much went out the window.

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