As you know in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day… you’re talking to reporters about the utter misery of being out! Don’t click through if you don’t want a SPOILER on last night’s Project Runway. Season 9’s second eliminated contestant chats with EW after the jump.

Mormon banker-turned designer Josh Christensen, 29, is back in the workroom already, working on a menswear line. “If people looked at my portfolio, they would understand immediately what I was about,” Christensen promises. “I try to do something that’s innovative but wearable. I’m not looking to be the craziest designer in the world.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you think your elimination might have had more to do with your problematic week 1 design than this week’s design?

JOSH CHRISTENSEN: I feel like from the first challenge they kind of put a target on me. I knew going into the second challenge they were going to look for something to pound me for. The critique wasn’t as harsh this week, but I think the first week definitely affected the way the judges viewed me.

Which was greater: the pressure to create a sophisticated modern look or the pressure to be as unconventional and wacky as possible with the pet store stuff?

To be honest, [laughs]…. I have not figured out the judges. It’s really just kind of based on their reaction. A lot of people might like it and the judges might hate it, or nobody likes it and the judges love it. You gotta just pray.

Did you think your design looked — as guest judge Stacy Bendet said — like it belonged in “the 1990s bar scene”?

No. You know, what was really funny is I was looking at the way she was dressed — like, are you kidding me? Those chunky-chunky red shoes and that mini mini dress? I’m like, “We’re not talking.”

The judges condemned you for using “normal fabric” like the pet umbrella, but wasn’t Olivier’s winning design that used a dog bed for a top kind of the same thing?

It’s exactly the same thing. That’s the thing — a lot of people used muslin from the workroom and then just glued stuff all over it. I had a different mentality about this challenge. I didn’t use anything that didn’t come from the pet store, except for thread.

Do you think the right designer won the pet store challenge?

No, you know what, I actually really did like Oliver’s. It was really really cool, but it was very sort of high fashion. I was really happy for him for sure.

What was with Michael telling you your model looked like she was nursing triplets?!

It was weird! I don’t think the look made her chest look bigger than it already was. And he has such a grab bag of random phrases that he just seems to pull from. I choose to not really pay attention to those comments, because they’re never really helpful. But whatever.

Speaking of your model, I know you had major fit issues on week 1. Were the measurements they’d given you totally off?

You know, on this last challenge, really there wasn’t a whole lot of fit problems. I know the judges had mentioned it again, but to be honest, I think it was just one of those things where they wanted to bring it up again. But yes — my model was a beautiful girl, but her measurements were terribly off for the first challenge. But I don’t feel like there was any sort of coincidence on the show. I just feel like it was what it was, and I did the best that I could.

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