By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 05, 2011 at 09:44 PM EDT
Credit: via Twitter

If you were worried that Dwayne Johnson’s massive biceps in Fast Five would not be maintained, don’t. The actor has been sharing photos of himself training for G.I. Joe 2, and they are still freakin’ huge. (Unlike this photo, which we can legally only show at this size. Click here for the real deal.)

“Weapon of choice for GI Joe training: Glock. Target: You tell me?” he tweeted Aug. 1, with this photo. He followed that up yesterday with another photo: “Found my gun today! M249 SAW. Guess who/what I envision in my crosshairs?” That shot, pictured, was enough to inspire one of his Twitter followers to say, “I wonder if any other lesbians are confused by their intense urge to want to lick @TheRock (his tattoo to be exact) #conflictingfeelings.” The Rock’s response: “Awesome tweet! Smiling. A little lick or two won’t hurt ya. :). #FamousLastWords..” Another expressed her appreciation for him in a different way: “Dear @TheRock: The Gameplan makes my ovaries hurt!! Dammit you are sexy as hell in that movie!! Love, Me!!” His answer: “Thank you so much and sorry about your ovaries hurting now. :)”

And with that, I’m now following Dwayne Johnson on Twitter. Already I’ve learned that it takes about an hour to cover up his tattoos with makeup applied through a spray gun, and that his pre-workout routine involves a cup of Earl Grey. That’s my tea of choice, and what we will be drinking if he agrees to let me interview him over high tea for G.I. Joe 2. (Just imagine the photos of him eating cute, crustless finger sandwiches. YES.)

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