Dane Cook guested on last night’s episode of Louis C.K.’s FX series Louie in a must-see for any devoted fan of stand-up comedy who followed the two comics’ passive-aggressive feud over joke-stealing. When Cook became a rock-star comic a few years back — in 2000 and six, according to Cook — insiders charged that a few of his jokes resembled bits from Louis C.K.’s act. The backlash was harsh, as Cook points out after Louis swallows his pride and asks his rival to help him secure Lady Gaga tickets for his daughter.

Cook doesn’t let him off easy, saying, “The one thing that really just gets to me is the whole thing about people saying I stole the joke about the itchy a–hole, because I get an itchy a–hole… a lot. So for you to think you’re the only person who got an itchy a–hole in America. I mean, that’s bulls—.” Watch the surreal, NSFW clip after the jump.