The star of ''Another Earth'' decided to ditch Wall Street for Hollywood — and it's paying off

Another Earth

Care to Sundance?
Brit Marling makes her acting debut in Another Earth, the indie sci-fi drama that was a hit in January at the Sundance Film Festival. But that wasn’t the only film she had in Park City this year: Marling, 27, also co-wrote and acted in the thriller Sound of My Voice, which premiered at Sundance simultaneously. Pretty amazing, considering both films were made with college friends on shoestring budgets. ”This is how I know that I’m not a good enough writer yet,” says Marling. ”Because I cannot find a way to articulate how completely insane that was.”

Another Brit
In Another Earth, humanity discovers an exact replica of our planet populated by secondary versions of every individual. Marling, who majored in economics at Georgetown University and spent a summer at Goldman Sachs, can easily envision a world in which her life turned out differently. ”On another Earth, I would probably be working at a hedge fund,” she laughs. ”So thank goodness this acting thing worked out!”

Up Next
Marling will put her financial acumen to use in the upcoming Wall Street thriller Arbitrage as the daughter of (surprise!) a hedge-fund manager played by Richard Gere. She is still shocked to find how quickly opportunities like this have opened up to her. ”It’s like this alligator-infested moat that you were trying to figure out how to get over,” she says. ”And suddenly the drawbridge lowers and you can just skip across.”

Another Earth
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