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Last night on Big Brother, the returning players were finally forced to turn on their own, as both Brendon Villegas and Jordan Lloyd were up for eviction, In the end, Brendon was voted out (although he has a chance to return next week that he does not yet know about), sending fiancée Rachel into another spiral of tears. How will she survive without her man? Did Brendon make the right move taking Rachel off the block instead of himself? And what caused him to verbally berate Kalia? The first (and somewhat more sane) half of Brenchel began his first day outside the Big Brother house by answering a few questions for us via email.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with your decision to use the Veto on Rachel and not yourself. Take chivalry out of it for one second. If the goal was for one of you to win the $500,000, which of you two staying in the house do you feel gives you all the best chance to win?

BRENDON VILLEGAS: I think both of us have an equal chance because if I stayed in the game I would be a bigger target because I was a bit more competitive during our time in the house.

Obviously Rachel is a fierce competitor, but how do you think she is going to handle life inside the house without you on an emotional level?

I think it’s going to be tough for her at first, but I think she is going to step up to the chance and will definitely fight for both of us inside the BB house.

Danielle kept insisting that putting you and Rachel on the block was not personal and was purely strategic. What do you think?

I believe it was 100 percent personal. She obviously cared for Dominic more than she let on and splitting up Rachel and I was her way of seeking vengeance.

Between the two of you, Rachel is the one who tends to fly off the handle at people, but you really lit into Kalia. What was that all about?

Kalia is a player who has constantly lied to my face, lied to everyone and has constantly tried to make alliances with everyone in the house. Additionally, she is just the traditional floater in the game and has been rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate in how she treats her fellow houseguests. All of that combined leads up to one unsavory roommate.

Finally, what happens to someone when they come between Rachel and her man?

They go up on the block. Indefinitely.

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