The Scorpions must be down on their knees thanking the gods of awesome that their ’80s hairbanger “Rock You Like A Hurricane” has now been prominently featured not one, but two trailers for Killer Elite, the abduction-ransom-revenge rager starring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham, and Clive Owen’s porn ‘stache. The latest trailer for the film features more Scorpions, more De Niro, more cocked gun barrels, and, yes, more ‘stache. See the full trailer below:

With his gun cocked in the first frames and his fists poised further in, De Niro sees a lot more action in this updated trailer. The conflict between Statham and Owen’s characters is further fleshed out. Everybody’s packing heat, and there’s a suitcase full of money — always a plus.

The movie hits theaters Sept. 23. Is 67-year-old De Niro as action hero your new favorite thing? Should Owen’s facial hair get a co-star credit?

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