If you found Eat Pray Love more irritating than inspirational, or if the “creation of the universe” montage in Tree of Life felt longer than life itself, then feast your eyes on the spectacular short films Move, Eat, Learn from independent filmmaker Rick Mereki. Mereki, who posted the clips on his Vimeo page on Wednesday, explained that each of the films were completed over the span of 44 days in 11 countries by three guys: the Aussie himself, a DOP named Tim White, and actor Andrew Lees. (Yes, the very same Andrew Lees from The Pacific).

Running at roughly a minute each, the sequences happen in the blink of an eye, but they get the job done: In one breathtaking linear movement, Move will make you want to run out and travel the world (with the adorable Lees, natch); Eat will make you even hungrier for lunch; and Learn will teach you there’s no shame in crying at your desk from watching a viral video (damn you, charming, life-affirming music that accompanies, damn you!)

Watch all three below:

Which of the three short films blew you away the most, PopWatchers? My personal vote goes to Move, for its inspired moments like Lees clapping at the birds and jumping over the road sign. Share in the comments section below!

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