By Aly Semigran
Updated August 03, 2020 at 11:50 AM EDT

C’mon James Franco, everyone knows the standard rule: You’re supposed to say “XYZ” to someone when their fly is down! Then again, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes star doesn’t play by any rules, not even the most stringent of man codes. So it was of no real surprise during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night that the actor alerted the host — and, in turn, the rest of America — that he was having a pants party and everyone was invited. Kimmel handled the situation swiftly (i.e. he promptly zipped up) and with humor, but we still think Franco definitely owes him that hot air balloon ride now. Watch the full clip below:

Did Franco ruin his clearly blossoming bromance with Jimmy Kimmel by telling him his fly was open or simply reinforce their bond? Tell us in the comments section below, PopWatchers!

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