It may not be an epic tale of vampires, werewolves and forbidden love, but the drama surrounding the hacking of video and images from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has certainly provided a fair number of surprising twists. Earlier this week, Summit Entertainment took the unusual step of releasing the name of the person the company alleges is primarily responsible for the hacking: 24-year-old Argentinean student Daiana Santia. Summit also filed suit against Santia in both U.S. and Argentina courts.

On Thursday, Santia held a press conference in her home town of Posadas, claiming that she simply found the materials while surfing the Web. “I couldn’t do it again even if I wanted to,” she said, according to an Associated Press report. “I only saw it. I didn’t distribute it like they say.” Santia’s lawyer, Hugo Armanini, asserted that representatives from Summit also visited Santia’s home and requested access to her computer “in a bad manner.”

Finally, in a lengthy press release sent out later the same day, Summit disputed many of Santia’s claims, stating emphatically that the company’s actions are “NOT about greed or the Studio wanting to bully a woman from a small town in Argentina.” Summit claims it first met with Santia’s family on May 31 after “indisputable evidence” connected her IP address with the purloined materials. On June 8, Summit attests Santia “confessed in the presence of her attorney that she accessed servers and email accounts via a systematic attack — stealing photographs, unfinished images and video footage over several months.” The statement acknowledges that “technical experts” flew to her home town to review the contents of her computer, but only after her representation “indicated” they were willing to allow it, an offer Summit alleges Santia “renege[d] on” after the experts had arrived.

So, to recap: Santia says she found the materials, and does not have them any more; Summit says she stole the materials, and wants to be certain she doesn’t have them any more; and both parties are hashing out their disagreement in the press. The upside? No one is claiming to be pregnant with a vampire/human hybrid.

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