You can’t stop Bob Dylan. The seemingly indestructible 70-year-old force still puts out albums (his last was 2009’s Together Through Life) and still tours constantly, despite the fact that he turned 70 this year.

For his next trick, Dylan is partnering with the Country Music Hall of Fame to release The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams on his own Egyptian Records.

The album will feature never-recorded lyrics written by country legend Williams set to new music care of the likes of Jack White, Norah Jones, Alan Jackson, Jakob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, and Dylan himself.

The album, which coincides with the closing of the Country Music Hall of Fame’s exhibit on the Williams family’s impact (it shuts down at the end of the year), will be available on October 4.

The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams sounds a lot like the Mermaid Avenue project, a collaboration between Billy Bragg and Wilco that set unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics to new music. It yielded two albums’ worth of tunes, most of which were pretty excellent (“She Came Along to Me” and “Stetson Kennedy” are particular standouts).

Considering how much Dylan owes to Williams (especially in his more recent work), it’s an appropriate tribute. But what’s your favorite Bob Dylan tune? Let us know in the comments below.


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