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So You Think You Can Dance

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Anyone who watches So You Think You Can Dance even once knows the contestants dance their enviously well-shaped tushies off for our entertainment (weekly!). But until I got an exclusive first-hand look at this morning’s rehearsals for tonight’s Top 6 performance show, I did not quite understand just how maniacally dedicated these dancers really are to honing their craft. For one thing, they are dancing, full out, by 8 a.m. The most strenuous thing I do at that hour is walk my dog.

I’ve been asked not to spoil things until after tonight’s show airs, but I can give y’all some tantalizing teasers for what is in store — well, at least for the first half of the show, since the agreement with Nigel Lythgoe was only for my first born. (The joke’s on him: Technically, that’s my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin.) Anyhoodle, see if you can decipher these cryptic clues!

A flap in the forest makes everyone quiver.

A toothsome barrier pushes a couple to know each other.

A tramping warrior fends off a saucy beast.

Think you can crack my code? Have at it in the comments, then come back just before the show to talk about the episode, just after the show airs (on the west coast) for my full on-the-scene report from the rehearsals, and tomorrow morning for my on-the-scene recap and exclusive interviews with Nigel and host Cat Deeley!

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