By Lynette Rice
Updated August 03, 2011 at 05:13 PM EDT

In light of a recent announcement by ABC News that it won’t pay for photos in exchange for interviews, CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager told the press Wednesday that he, too, is against handing over cash for potentially newsworthy (or salacious) images.

“We’ve had people approach us at 60 Minutes regularly who say we want money for pictures, we want you to pay for video. We won’t do it,” said Fager, who also is the executive producer of the Sunday newsmagazine. “I know it’s happened in stories in the past. For a certain sum, a small fee, pictures become available. I’m against it, I’m against it for our organization. Others want to do it? Fine. There are so many stories out there to tell. We don’t need to get involved in that line of work. It goes against everything it stands for.”

ABC News came under fire for giving Casey Anthony money in 2008 in exchange for photos of her daughter, Caylee. The network also reportedly copped to paying $15,000 for photos from a woman who allegedly had a relationship with former Rep. Anthony Weiner.