By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated August 02, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

My love for Jerry and Donna from Parks and Recreation is as endless as the ways Jerry embarrasses himself in every episode. What’s even better? The actors who play these characters are just as fun.

Take, for instance, the conversation they had with EW on the red carpet for NBC’s All-Star party on Monday night during TCA Press Tour. Among the topics? O’Heir’s hopes that — like Ron — we’ll delve into Jerry’s life a bit and meet some important ladies: His wife Gayle and three daughters!

“I want to,” O’Heir told EW. “I have the wife, the kids, the daughters. I’m pretty sure [they’re] going to [cast] Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie. They’ve both been calling. So we might go that direction. It would make the most sense I think.” (We’re pretty sure he’s joking about that.) As for Donna, Retta said there’s only one thing she’d like to see this season…

Watch below for the shocking answer! (And hear them talk about latest guest star Patricia Clarkson!)

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