Just in case repeat viewings of The Bourne Identity on TNT didn’t remind you at least once a week: Matt Damon is one serious bad-ass who is not to be messed with. Because if you do (particularly if you happen to be a reporter armed with a politically provoking question), he will bring the pain.

Case in point: Over the weekend, Damon — who has recently gone bald for his role in the upcoming Neill Blomkamp film Elysium — attended the 2011 Save Our Schools rally in Washington. While there, a Reason TV reporter began to ask the Oscar-winner — who attended the event with his mother, a teacher — a question by implying that teachers should be driven by the same job insecurity that drives him and other actors to work so hard. To put it delicately, Damon was not amused by this query and didn’t let it slide. Watch the full, albeit fairly NSFW (the star has some choice words), clip below as Damon lays down some knowledge.

Perhaps he’s just being his typical outspoken self, or maybe he felt compelled to defend his mother’s profession, which is under attack from several conservative governors around the country. But like Bryan Cranston, Telly Savalas, and Michael Chiklis, Bald Matt Damon is much more persuasive than Hair Matt Damon. When the cameraman suggests “Ten percent of teachers are bad” an annoyed Damon shoots back, “Maybe you’re a sh—y camera man, I don’t know!” Boom! Don’t ask us why there’s a random clip of Good Will Hunting infused in there that isn’t the classic “How do ya like them apples?” scene.

What did you think of Matt Damon’s reaction to the reporter, PopWatchers? Let us know in the comments section below. C’mon, don’t make us send Damon after you.

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