At the end of last season, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) became the new Intersect, and while it’s been said that Chuck will become a mentor of sorts, there’s also tough times ahead for Chuck’s BFF.

“There’s that whole growing process for Morgan as the intersect, and like what happened with Chuck, we don’t know exactly what effect it’s going to have,” Gomez told EW during the Television Critics Association press tour. “It, obviously, doesn’t run and work in everyone’s brain the same way. The potential is there for it to go a little haywire. And I’m sure — if I know these writers — I’m in trouble.”

Regardless of what transpires, Gomez says Morgan (at least starts off) loving his new abilities. “I think that in true Morgan fashion — and this is a scary thing — I don’t think he knows how scary it can be,” he says. “He’s completely gung-ho. It’s something he thinks is the coolest thing ever. It’s every nerd’s dream, ‘I can be a superhero! Chuck, I can do it!’ Chuck, meanwhile, is, like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.'”

For more from Gomez about the end of the season, check out our video from the NBC All-Star Party below!