By Kyle Anderson
Updated August 01, 2011 at 07:22 PM EDT

Rob Crow has been associated with a colorful cavalcade of monikers over his long career, including alt heroes Pinback, Heavy Vegetables, Optiganally Yours, Physics, and Snotnose.

But his latest release, He Thinks He’s People (which comes out on October 18), will be coming out under his own name.

If first single “Sophistructure” is any indication, it’s an appropriate use of his government-recognized handle. Though Crow has an affinity for the circular structures and odd angles of math rock, “Sophistructure” builds a confident head of steam via guitar crunch and low-fi histrionics that help marry the twitches with a subversive sense of melody.

It’s three minutes of turned-to-11 psychedelia that brings together most of the things Crow obsesses over in his music.

You can check out the exclusive EW premiere of “Sophistructure” here:

What do you think of Crow’s “Sohpistructure”? How does it compare to his 2007 solo album Living Well or Pinback’s game-changing album Autumn of the Seraphs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.