By Chris Nashawaty
Updated August 01, 2011 at 06:53 PM EDT
Credit: Insidefoto/PR Photos

Apparently, there was enough gold in them thar hills this weekend with Cowboys & Aliens that Universal is developing another western-themed star vehicle — this time with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. According to the Los Angeles Times (and confirmed by EW), the studio is developing an adaptation of Boston Teran’s 2010 novel about a smalltime assassin who runs guns to Mexico in 1910 with a lawman in hot pursuit. It’s not clear yet which role DiCaprio is considering, but if the A-lister signs on, it would not only help fast-track the film, but would also be his second commitment to the genre following his recent casting in Quentin Tarantino’s in-the-works oater Django Unchained. Todd Field (In the Bedroom, Little Children) adapted the screenplay and is attached to direct the film.