By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 01, 2011 at 09:16 PM EDT
Credit: Ben Glass

Crazy, Stupid, Love isn’t the kind of film you expect to have audience participation, but everyone I’ve talked to who also saw it over the weekend reports that their crowd was as audibly engaged as mine. SPOILER ALERT! MAJOR PLOT POINTS REVEALED! At my Saturday afternoon showing, the Sex and the City 2 style shot of stud Ryan Gosling eating his pizza and waiting for Steve Carell at the mall was met by the kind of laughter that makes you lean in to the person sitting next to you. When Carell came through the door at the bar after sleeping with Marisa Tomei, there was applause. Gosling telling Emma Stone that he seals the deal with women at his house by telling them he can do the lift from Dirty Dancing? Squealing. (It’s funny because it would work.) And Stone being revealed as Carell’s daughter? A collective gasp. (Though one of my friends said she assumed that from the trailer, I hadn’t.)

What moments got your audience going? I heard about a crowd clapping when Gosling took off his ring to have Carell’s back in the yard fight. I almost feel gypped!

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