How costume designer Dayna Pink styled the resident ladies man from ''Crazy, Stupid, Love''

Nine or 10 wardrobe changes are the norm for a film. But to play Jacob, a fashionable Casanova with a sizable inheritance, in Crazy, Stupid, Love (out now), Ryan Gosling had 36. ”His clothes are his art,” explains the film’s producer Denise Di Novi. ”It’s a way of giving his life some higher meaning.” What that translated to on screen was tailored suits, crisp shirts, and cashmere sweaters — a decidedly more urbane wardrobe for the movie’s casual L.A. setting. Says CSL costume designer Dayna Pink, ”He’s a modern-day dandy.”

”Jacob is not afraid of color,” says Pink, who, in addition to this green suit, dressed Gosling in maroons, blues, and bright pinstripes. ”He doesn’t have to be safe.”

”His wardrobe hearkens back to ’50s sophistication,” says Di Novi. So the team turned to Parisian brand Gossuin to custom-make Gosling’s shirts, and designers like Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Simon Spurr to complete his look.

”When you’re a person who understands fashion, that doesn’t mean you’re buying the latest, greatest thing,” says Pink of Jacob’s classic Chad shades by Selima Optique. ”You appreciate things that are timeless.” ($360;

Many of Jacob’s suits were designed by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. and Ilaria Urbinati, co-owner of L.A. boutique Confederacy. Inspired by a suede-accented jacket found at a flea market, the two asked tailor Martin Greenfield to craft the pieces, including this hunting suit. ($2,125; 323-913-3040)

As carefully thought out as Jacob’s clothes were, his accessories — particularly his two bold rings — often take center stage. ”It was another way to show he cares about what he wears,” says Pink. (Petrvs Cushion Horse ring: $5,300; Tiger’s-Eye Chevron ring: $550; available at David Yurman boutiques)

Pink chose these Givenchy wing-tips to complement Jacob’s sleek wardrobe. ”You can’t wear a chunky shoe with a slim-cut suit,” she explains. For a similar style try the Air Stanton Cap Oxford by Cole Haan. ($198;