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Updated July 29, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Hey, Roomies. I missed you during my travels! But your letters and questions kept me warm last week in San Diego during Comic-Con. (No, seriously, they made me sleep outside and I used them as a blanket. I’m kidding… probably.)

So, here we are, on the doorstep of fall TV, and we’re knocking hard until we get all the info we crave. Let’s get to it.

Remember to keep those queries coming! Mail them to or tweet them to me @EWSandraG. Also, if you have a little time, send me your thoughts on Comic-Con. What you liked (videos?), what you didn’t like (the stupid faces I apparently make when I get really excited), and tell me if your scoop appetite was fed to your satisfaction. We have 360-ish days to work on it, and we’d like to start now. Love you like nerds love Mrs. Fields and overpriced memorabilia! Till next week.


There’s so much to look forward to on this season of The Vampire Diaries. Elena’s 18th birthday, bad Stefan, and soapy Damon. But when prompted for his outlook for the season, Joseph Morgan says he’s most excited to meet Klaus’ family. “We get a chance to go back and see the point where they became vampires and where the curse was placed on Klaus to suppress his hybrid nature, his hybrid side,” he told a roundtable. “It’ll be interesting when we introduce other originals who are possibly equally as powerful or have some sort of emotional hold over Klaus … to see what that brings out of him.”

Meanwhile, while speaking to EW after the big convention, Nina Dobrev said a trek with Alaric will be taking a lot out of Elena in the second episode. “Elena and Alaric go on a sweaty, rugged adventure together, and I have to cool off at one point. We get to bond a little bit, and filming scenes with Matt Davis is great, because he’s a really funny light-hearted guy and there’s a lot of comic relief,” she says. And while she wouldn’t elaborate on how Elena “cools off,” she did share a story about how the cast beats the Georgia heat: “We try to set up tents with air conditioning, but it ends up being hotter inside the tent than it is outside, so what we do is we take ice packs and we put them on our wrist, or on our neck, or down our pants just to keep cool.”

(Also, if you haven’t checked out my dork-tastic chat with the cast, take a look here! I was excited; can you tell? Note to self: Pack composure next year. )


White Collar’s midseason finale, airing Aug. 9, is fast approaching, and I can easily say it’s one of the best episodes this season. I’m not talking “haha great,” if I may invent a term, like that episode where Peter and Neal went speed-dating, but this one speaks to the greater themes of this season, particularly Neal’s struggle to choose his loyalties.

In this ep, guest starring Beau Bridges as Peter’s former mentor, Neal finds himself in one of his most precarious situations yet, as Peter and Co. get closer than ever to connecting the (incriminating) dots between Neal and the treasure. Our favorite con has to go to great heights (literally) to keep himself safe. How it turns out may surprise you, but it definitely hints to a rocky future for a certain pair of people.

On a sort-of related note, when Tiffani Thiessen stopped by EW HQ a week ago, she hinted at a huge event in the final minutes. “Something very big happens to my character. We tend to have very big cliffhangers on the show, so it’ll be another big cliffhanger,” she tells EW. “It unfolds very big when we come back in January.” Taking official guesses now!


Nothing makes me feel more giddy inside than to type, “So, I was hanging out with the cast of Supernatural the other day…” But it’s TRUE! Comic-Con was truly a meat-market… of scoop. (Gutter brains!) And while I detailed much of it in my wrap-up of the gang’s Comic-Con panel (You read that… right?) I definitely saved a bit for you, Roomies!

This bit comes from Misha Collins, the unangelic former-angel-turned-God, who explained to a roundtable of reporters that he has hope for Castiel’s redemption this season — even though he has yet to read of anything promising in the scripts so far. “Having lived with him for the last three years, Cas definitely has a soft spot in my heart,” he said. “I have an affection for the character, and I would like to see him redeemed somehow. I hope that happens for Cas. I don’t know how much — or if that’s going to happen. But I hope so. Because I kind of like the guy.” Um, so do we. (I think…) But Cas’ “drunk with power” persona won’t get a great reception from those other guys we happen to like on the show, Collins said.

“[Sam and Dean] are being kind of a pain in the ass, honestly. They need to be whipped into shape a little bit, in my humble opinion,” he said, with a hint of humor in his voice. “It’s hard to talk about without ruining it for you. But I sort of start the season off letting sleeping dogs lie with them because they are completely powerless and ineffectual against me. Of course, they end up being a thorn in my side — as they always tend to do.”

As for the body count in the first three scripts (1, 2, and 4 are the ones he’s received so far) Collins says it’s high. “Definitely in the thousands; I don’t think in the millions, but I could be wrong… but it’s definitely not at or near zero.” Who’s joining me Sept. 23?


Can I assume that Shawn and Jules are in a happy relationship when we come back for next season of Psych? — Stephanie

They’re going strong, I hear! But they’re not the focus of the season by any means. James Roday told me in a chat prior to Comic-Con that he wanted to make sure the relationship wouldn’t interfere with the dynamic of the show. “My biggest fear with Shawn and Jules — and there are many examples on other shows of when the “Will they or won’t they?” finally comes together, it just isn’t good anymore, and I think because of that we’re proceeding with caution,” he said. “We’re trying to keep it real. Predominantly, their relationship is based on work because that’s where they spend the most amount of time — so not a lot changes on that front. And they’re just kind of figuring out what they are outside of work and taking very slow baby steps in doing it so that nothing feels forced or strange.” Hoping for a soap opera of love? Probably not what you’ll find this season, he says. “We really don’t want to go there. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of protecting the show so that people don’t have to worry about that. I can personally guarantee all of our fans that they will not be disappointed. We’re just as wacky and wily. At its core, this is always going to be a show about two best friends living out a childhood dream, and there’s no way around that. That’s what we are, and that’s what we’ll always be.” Anyone else feel the need to cheer right now? He gets us, he really gets us!

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Any scoop on Burn Notice? Framing Michael for murder was a pretty great twist. (But poor Grant Show!) — Jessica

Expect the twists to keep coming, says creator Matt Nix. “It’s a pretty twisty season. I mean, I’d say there are a couple of big, hard twists coming up. It depends on what you think of as a twist and then the summer season-finale is one of our twistiest episodes ever. We just finished filming that,” he teases. “There’s a lot that goes on before that. It really heats up coming to the end of the season. I just got finished directing that [last] episode, and it’s very, very, very intense.” Preview: Next week we’ll have dish from Nix about how Gavin Rossdale is going to put Fiona and Michael’s relationship to the test!

Raising Hope, please! Loved your Q&A with Greg Garcia! — Emily

Do you also love flashbacks? Hope so, because Garcia says the season premiere is full of them, complete with lucid Maw-Maw. No word on a possible re-appearance by Drakkar Noir, but I’m holding out hope.

Any word on Parks and Recreation yet? — Matt

I’ll tell you what I’m excited about: Leslie Knope’s new title! Author.

I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with BONES so of course I have lots of questions regarding the upcoming season 7. Any answers you could get would be greatly appreciated, especially with this extra long hiatus. Can we expect to see any romantic moments between our parents-to-be (pre or post-baby)? Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy Comic-Con (as I am extremely envious!) — Susan

We had a blast at Comic-Con, even without the scheduled appearance by the Bones gang. And while it would have been great to see them, I’m simply proud that they’re trucking through on the new season (especially, Emily!). At least that’s my two cents. On to your question, it depends on your definition of romantic. Frankly, I’m easily wooed by acts of chivalry, and trust me when I say we’ll see plenty of them from daddy-to-be Booth. In an episode where the team investigates a murder in the competitive eating world, (um, ewww) we’ll get a chance to see preggo Bones try to kick some ass. Keyword: Try. You can bet babydaddy is there to stop her before she gets too far. D’awww. And thank YOU for the question.

Any hints on what’s coming up for great loves Chuck & Blair on #GossipGirl? — @iligree_apogee

If Gossip Girl actorPenn Badgley has his way, they’ll actually be LESS of the pair. “The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes because the dialogue is given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise,” he tells me. “I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.” Of course, his opinion might mean nothing to the writers. But should it?

Please! I need some Big Bang! It’s the show I miss most. — Stacey

A clash of the co-star titans is in the works! I chatted with creator Bill Prady this week and he spilled that if they can “figure out an episode where they can work together,” he’d like to have an episode where Leonard’s mom (Christine Baranski) and Sheldon’s mom (Lori Metcalf) guest in the same episode! “[If we can] work around the Good Wife shooting schedule, that’s one of our dream episodes. But we don’t have that figured out yet,” he said. One person I wouldn’t count on seeing in the flesh soon? Howard’s mom. Although, I have a bone to pick with you Comic-Con attendees. As you know, Howard’s mom introduced the BBT panel at the annual convention, but what you didn’t know was that you missed an amazing opportunity. “We had a discussion before the panel and we said, ‘What if someone asks her to step out on stage to see her?’ And we decided that if someone asked, we’d invite the actress to come out on stage. But no one asked!” Prady tells EW. “I think people like not seeing her and imagining her. And I think that’s an argument for keeping it that way.” Tisk, tisk. Look what you’ve all done…

Castle scoop, Sandra? You know you want to! — Joanne

Don’t tell me what I want! Kidding. Actually, I’d prefer you did because, God knows I have no freaking clue. Anyway, if you followed word from Comic-Con, you already know about plans for a superhero-themed episode and a Halloween-themed episode. But executive producer Laurie Zaks told me preliminary plans to send the gang to the premiere of the Nikki Heat film in L.A.! (The show typically shoots its New York setting on a stage in L.A.) So does that mean Laura Prepon would reprise her role as the title character of the movie? Possibly, says Zaks. “That would totally depend on her schedule, and she got cast in a pilot. If you’ll remember, the character was sent off to rehab, so hopefully she’ll be out of rehab by then,” she said with a laugh.

Haven’t seen any CSI: Miami scoop here in a while. You got anything good? — Mayra

I have storms on the brain, and not just because a man named Don is getting ready to hit my homeland. The third episode of this season will tackle a murder case involving some stormchasers, or as Sgt. Tripp might call them, those idiots who drive into tornadoes.

How I Met Your Mother. Please!! — Jennifer

I’ll have a full item on this later, but I’ll give you a hint now: Dance.

I’d love some scoop on Sons of Anarchy. I didn’t get to go to their panel at Comic-Con and need some cheering up! — Audra

Then you should pick up the next issue of EW, on stands next Friday. I got some scoop in there for you! Actually, I’m not that cruel. I spoke to Kurt Sutter shortly before they went on stage for their epic Comic-Con panel, and he told EW that while the show will always be “Jax’s story,” this season is “definitely a lot more of an ensemble season. “It deals with the club as a whole and the family as a whole and internal struggles between the club and the family. Jax is trying to wrap his head around which family is more important.” You know what else is important, Jax? Growing your hair back. Kidding. But also not kidding at all. I’m nit-picking. Apologies.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

True Blood, please! I was obsessed with the Eric and Sookie moments last week! Is there more where that came from? — Liz

There always is. But as great as the next episode is (and it’s very great!), I find myself more excited about another pair, who you might have seen a bit of a spark with last week. This one much more unlikely, but I really like it. Watch it Sunday and tell me if you agree or if I’m all alone on this one.

Anything on the new season of Spartacus! — Kevin

If you missed my chat with Lucy Lawless at CC, you also missed this fun nugget of info: “She’s going through a terrible time and she has to claw tooth and nail to just get any kind of status,” says Lawless. “She’s lost everything: hope, her husband, her baby, her nuclear status. And in Roman society, that’s a long slow suicide for a woman. But she is a survivor. Nobody is going to get her down for long.” Can’t. Wait. (Check out my full chat with Lawless here!)

Thanks for being among the only one to give Haven some love, Sandra. I’m dying for a little intel on Jason Priestley’s character! — Martha

Why, thank you! I’d bow, but that’s a bit much, I think. Look for Priestley’s character to bring out the “girly side of Audrey” in episode 6, according to star Emily Rose. “What happens is really fantastic and I can’t wait for it to come out,” she says. “We see a personal side of Audrey in a really unique way.”

(Mandi Bierly contributed to this column.)

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