Clarissa Explains It All

This week, TeenNick launched its “The ’90s Are All That” midnight-2 a.m. block to strong ratings. The retro roster inspired a wave of nostalgia in college-age and older viewers, who remembered growing up under the influence of the fashion sense of Clarissa Darling, the good-kid-done-wrong ethos of Doug Funnie, and the slapstick stylings of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. But beyond Kenan, Kel, Clarissa, and Doug, who will be next to to burn the midnight oil?

TeenNick does not yet have set end date in mind for the block, though it has already confirmed that it will start introducing new shows into the mix in the not-so-distant future. In addition to the programs already airing weeknights (All That, Kenan & Kel, Clarissa Explains It All, and Doug), the network plans to add The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Salute Your Shorts, and The Amanda Show to the rotation, though no firm date has yet been set for any of them.

And yet, even with these nine shows, fans are clamoring for more. Many former viewers see the ’90s as a sort of golden age for TV shows, and are hoping to see old favorites like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Dude, Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Secret World of Alex Mack, GUTS, Roundhouse, Welcome Freshmen, Double Dare, My Brother and Me, and Wild and Crazy Kids — and that’s just scraping the surface. Maybe your desire goes beyond Nickelodeon: Do you miss Step By Step and Sister Sister? So, it’s up to you, Popwatchers. Make your voice heard below!

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