By Kate Ward
Updated July 29, 2011 at 10:45 PM EDT

The Oprah Winfrey Show might have ended this past May, but you didn’t really think you would escape one of your favorite things forever, did you? Of course not. So it only comes as somewhat of a surprise that the former talk show host and OWN CEO announced at TCA that she will repackage old shows on her new network in order to help viewers improve their lives. (The episodes will begin airing Oct. 10, she said.)

With that message, I’m guessing she fully intends on airing some of her more service-oriented, inspirational episodes — the series featuring the re-aired eps will be titled Own Your Life, after all — but this O fan is hoping we’ll episodes that only inspired us to say OMG. I’m talking the awkward Elizabeth Taylor interview. The seizure-inducing Pontiac G4 Favorite Things episode. The Tearing-James-Frey-Into-A-Million-Little-Pieces interview. The fat wagon. Really, any episode that doesn’t include the words “The“and “Secret.” (If inspiration boards really worked, Rhonda Byrne, I’d be holding a kitten-unicorn hybrid while eating a whole wheel of brie and admiring how much I look like Olivia Wilde.)

But I want to turn this over to you, PopWatchers: What Oprah Winfrey Show episodes do you hope to see re-aired on OWN?

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