The host of ''America's Got Talent'' gives us a peek at his TV lineup

By EW Staff
Updated July 29, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Entourage (Sundays, 10:30 PM, HBO)

I was really into it when it first came out because at the time it was very synonymous with my own life. But I like my life better. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to end up married to one of the biggest superstars in the world [Mariah Carey], with twins.

American Gangster (Fridays, 10 PM, BIO)

It’s about gangsters, drug dealers, and kingpins. It’s really interesting to see what people living in low-income environments have to resort to to provide for their community.

Real Time with Bill Maher (Fridays, 10 PM, HBO)

[Mariah and I] love that one. His political take keeps us up on everything that’s going on without having to watch news constantly.