By Kyle Anderson
July 29, 2011 at 04:34 PM EDT
Annabel Staff/Redferns/Getty Images

Oh Morrissey. Sometimes you just make it so hard to love you.

And we really want to! Your songs have gotten us through countless bad break-ups and rainy afternoons cleaning the apartment. Your work with the Smiths is legendary, and your solo career isn’t too shabby either (“Hairdresser On Fire” remains a favorite).

But you have a tendency to run your mouth at weird times, which is why we’re considering cutting ties with you after you compared the tragedy in Norway to the production of meat in fast food restaurants.

On Sunday, Morrissey was on stage in Warsaw, Poland, and went off on a rant about how meat is murder. “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown,” he reportedly told the crowd. “Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried S— every day.”

He’s spent the last few days getting lambasted online, with people rightfully angry about his trivialization of a human tragedy. While animal rights is a too-often ignored issue all over the world, and one that Morrissey is clearly passionate about, the Moz should really be more shrewd about where, when, and how his political statements come out.

In response, Morrissey submitted a response to a fan site. “The comment I made onstage at Warsaw could be further explained this way: Millions of beings are routinely murdered every single day in order to fund profits for McDonalds and KFCruelty, but because these murders are protected by laws, we are asked to feel indifferent about the killings, and to not even dare question them,” he wrote. “If you quite rightly feel horrified at the Norway killings, then it surely naturally follows that you feel horror at the murder of ANY innocent being. You cannot ignore animal suffering simply because animals ‘are not us.'”

Of course, this is hardly the first time Morrissey has gotten in trouble. He recently called England’s royal family “scroungers” just before the royal wedding, and he also may or may not have gone on a rant about immigrants a few years back. It’s good to be passionate about something, but maybe Morrissey should just stick to weeping about being the last of the famous international playboys.


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