The reality star sues Old Navy for using a lookalike in ads


Judging by their fragrances, clothing stores, nail-polish line, and weight-loss-supplement partnership, the Kardashians have no problem endorsing products — provided they’re the ones actually doing the endorsing. On July 20, 30-year-old Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against The Gap Inc., which owns Old Navy, claiming unauthorized use of her likeness, identity, and persona after Old Navy hired Kim ”look-alike” Melissa Molinaro for a series of online and TV ads that began airing in February. Kardashian, who claims Old Navy intentionally used Molinaro to trick the public, is reportedly taking legal action now because the ads could compromise a fall ad campaign for Kardashian’s upcoming clothing line for Sears. Her lawyer said in a statement: ”Kim Kardashian is immediately recognizable and is known for her look and style. Her identity and persona are valuable.” Gap declined to comment, but on July 20 Molinaro tweeted: ”Were [sic] still talking about this?! Its [sic] JULY this aired in February…some people have too much time on there [sic] hands.”

(Additional reporting by Lanford Beard)