Ever since 20th Century Fox decided to turn that 745-page ESPN oral history into a movie, everyone has been speculating who will play their favorite quippy on-air personalities like Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. Even Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. The former SportsCenter tag-team partners reunited last night on Olbermann’s Current TV show and had some fun casting themselves and their former co-workers. It was only semi-serious, with Olbermann using the game as an opportunity to take pot-shots at his perceived former rivals. When Patrick suggested Ryan Gosling for dashing Craig Kilborn, Olbermann replied, “That’s alright, but he’s too talented [to play the role]” and suggested Kilborn’s Daily Show replacement, Jon Stewart, instead. Watch the clips below.

I can’t top Patrick’s suggestion that Larry David play Tony Kornheiser, since Kornheiser plays a version of David every night on Pardon the Interruption. And anyone who’s seen Dodgeball knows that Jason Bateman knows his way around a microphone, so Patrick’s idea that the Horrible Bosses star play him isn’t too farfetched. Steve Carell as Steve Levy? Sinbad as Michael Wilbon? What other casting ideas had promise?

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