It’s generally considered counter-productive to give away the ending of your movie, but in the Marvel universe, the conclusion of any movie is just a segue into the next chapter of superhero adventures. Starting with Iron Man, their films have always unveiled a mysterious character after the closing credits. Now it’s Captain America’s job to bring them all together, and Marvel is showcasing the last scene of the film and a peek at the post-credit tease to help set the table for next’s year’s superhero summit, The Avengers. Take a look at the scene here, as Cap finds himself in Times Square after some time lengthy R&R.

Admit it, there’s no real spoiler here for anyone who knows how to navigate the internet. For those who’ve already seen the movie in theaters, this now allows them to freeze-frame the quick-cuts to better enjoy Thor’s biceps, Cap’s new threads, and Bruce Banner’s shirt — yes, it’s purple.

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Captain America: The First Avenger
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