By Kyle Anderson
July 29, 2011 at 08:40 PM EDT
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By most accounts, few makers of hair metal should have made it out of the ’80s unscathed.

Considering the amount of drugs taken, fights started, and cars crashed just among the members of Mötley Crüe, it’s remarkable that they not only still walk among us but also play sold-out summer tour dates.

And, of course, they’re still making trouble all these years later (or as some might say, “Same Ol’ Situation.”)

According to a local news station in North Carolina, a federal investigation has been launched into photos that surfaced depicting Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and current tourmate Bret Michaels hanging out and shooting guns with some local police officers. (Whoever built this slideshow of photos of everybody at the firing range is doing the Lord’s work.) (Also, would somebody please give Tommy a sandwich? The guy is wasting away!)

The shots raised a handful of red flags for the cops’ local departments (nobody seems to be sure whether or not anybody violated any internal rules) as well as for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who are looking into whether or not either rocker has a criminal record that could have made the gun-happy adventure illegal.

While there’s probably nothing wrong with Lee or Michaels blowing off steam by throwing a little lead around, they both have had regular run-ins with the law. Cops pulled over Michaels’ tour buses last year and found drugs on one of them, while one of Lee’s visits to North Carolina once ended in a riot.

No charges have been brought up and nobody is even sure anybody did anything wrong (hence the investigations), but this incident does remind us how valuable these guys are to the world at large. If Tommy Lee didn’t exist to get tattoos and be photographed holding a weapon, what else would we look at on the internet on a sunny Friday afternoon?


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