EW recommends books to suit your particular palate

By EW Staff
July 29, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Love This?
Cowboys & Aliens
Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford
In this best-of-both-genres tentpole, extraterrestrial invaders find themselves in a showdown with grizzled Wild West gunslingers played by Craig and Ford.
Try This!
The Griff
Christopher Moore and Ian Corson
Cowboys & Aliens was originally a graphic novel, like this aliens-run-amok one-off about New Yorkers battling a plague of flying lizards from outer space.

Love This?
Midnight in Paris
Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams
The City of Light shimmers in Woody Allen’s nostalgia trip to Paris, thanks to his depiction of a constellation of intellectual and literary luminaries like Fitzgerald and Hemingway.
Try This!
The Greater Journey
David McCullough
Two-time Pulitzer winner McCullough traces the long and storied history of Americans living in Paris, way before Gene Kelly soft-shoed his way down the boulevards.