The making of Battleship is already the stuff of whispered legend in the bleak halls of Hollywood. Based on a board game that is mainly beloved by a demographic that isn’t old enough yet to play big-boy games like Risk, starring a cast of unproven up-and-comers with a reported budget of $200 million and an “Aliens attack the ocean!” plotline, Battleship is the very definition of “a risky proposition.” And now the first trailer has arrived online. And it looks insane. Taylor Kitsch plays a maverick Naval officer who is emotionally troubled, despite the fact that he’s dating his commander’s supermodel daughter. Then he goes to investigate a piece of ocean debris, and everything starts exploding. Check it out:

Movie fans, what do you make of the Battleship trailer? Does anyone else vaguely suspect that Battleship is an attempt to link the fictional worlds of Top Gun, Cowboys & Aliens, and Transformers into one beautiful Tommy Westphall multiverse? If so, you’re a nerd and marry me.

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