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Updated July 28, 2011 at 10:50 PM EDT
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It’s been the summer of the sequel, and no we don’t mean just because of The Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, Cars 2 or No Strings Attached 2 (okay, fine, Friends with Benefits). Actually, to be more precise, it’s been the summer of talking about the possibility of the sequel.

We’ve already gotten word that Thor will return to theaters in 2013, but elsewhere there’s been chatter about bringing the ladies of Bridesmaids back for more and a debate on whether or not Something Borrowed will — or should — be continued.

Now it seems Horrible Bosses, which in three weeks has already pulled in over $80 million at the box office, could be the latest to join the sequel society. Bosses director Seth Gordon recently told USA Today that when it came to the possibility of a follow-up for the comedy, “We’re talking about it.” (New Line Cinema has yet to respond to EW’s requests for comment.)

Details are pretty mum on what exactly a second movie would entail. Gordon did, however, tell USA Today he would consider having Colin Farrell’s drug-addled jerk Bobby Pellit, who — SPOILER ALERT — ultimately gets killed, come back, “Maybe in some sort of dream sequence.” And we had some thoughts and theories of our own about what could be going on with the other characters.

Pals Dale (Charlie Day), Nick (Jason Bateman), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), would happily be living their post-horrible bosses lives. Dale continues to torture his sexually charged boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston) even more with his now-wife Stacy (Lindsay Sloane) working as a receptionist at their office. Nick, despite having a new crazy boss to deal with (well, at least if you’re the intern in the trunk) gets his long overdue promotion, while his former employer Dave (Kevin Spacey) serves a life sentence. Elsewhere, Kurt, still haunted with dreams of Bobby (Farrell) singing karaoke, keeps Dave’s wife Rhonda (Julie Bowen) company while he runs Pellit Chemicals. And, of course, Motherf—er Jones (Jamie Foxx) would find a reason to show up. Maybe someone will need a copy of Snow Falling on Cedars.

Or Dale, Nick, and Kurt could just team up with Mr. Jones to run their own murder consulting firm and (mis)guide a fresh batch of beleaguered workers get rid of their respective horrible bosses.

What do you think PopWatchers, do you think making a Horrible Bosses 2 is a killer idea or DOA? If they do make one, what — and who — should it be about? Let us know in the comments section below. We promise we won’t tell your boss.

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