By Kate Ward
Updated July 28, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

I wanted to badly to write WHO will be eliminated tonight before I realized that I am not Tyra Banks and we are really in Big Brother land. So I ask: WHO will be evicted tonight? Based on last night’s veto episode, it seemed the odds were in Adam’s favor. Unlike Dominic, the metal lover has yet to make any real enemies — even if Brendon and Rachel still seem to be unsure about who their enemies are. (Could it be each other?! Twist!) Either way, here’s hoping Daniele does something interesting during tonight’s episode, and that Porsche does, well, something.

Jump to the comments to talk about tonight’s episode, and head back to later for my recap. (UPDATE: Click to read tonight’s Big Brother recap!)

UPDATE: Poor guy didn’t have a chance. Newbie Dominic was evicted from the house. Who the Head of Household remains to be seen — endurance competition!

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