Credit: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The Parents Television Council (PTC) is hoping most of NBC’s affiliates don’t come along to play, boy, with The Playboy Club. (I know, terrible. But it’s hump day.) More than one month after a Salt Lake City NBC affiliate said they would not be airing the drama — which is set in a 1960s Playboy-themed nightclub — the TV watchdog issued a statement urging other stations to follow suit. The PTC, which excerpted a letter it sent to all NBC affiliates, claimed that stations that allow the series to air are “‘glamorizing’ and ‘putting a veneer of sophistication on an industry that exploits women and destroys families,’ while asserting that NBC has completely betrayed the trust of American families.”

Along with suggesting affiliates ban the series, the PTC is also demanding an “explanation as to how the Playboy brand is consistent with NBC’s values and obligations to serve the public interest.” Playboy Club star Eddie Cibrian, meanwhile, is spending his time trying to even out the exploitation gender gap with this ad.

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