A trailer for New Year’s Eve has hit the Web. Here are five random guesses about what happens in the film based upon the trailer alone:

• Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is a workaholic divorcée who’s dying. (Or, she’s just a workaholic divorcée who’s brunette.)

• Ashton Kutcher’s character’s relationship with his best friend (Lea Michele) turns romantic by movie’s end. (Just like it did with Jennifer Garner in Valentine’s Day.)

• Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel’s characters will compete with another couple to have the first baby born in New York in the New Year — and lose. But he loves her anyway.

• Josh Duhamel’s character is a friend or relative to Meyers or Biel and will come to the hospital for the birth but miss it. He will, however, realize the mystery woman he met last year was the doctor (Halle Berry) who delivered their baby. (Who else is he going to get with? Katherine Heigl? Feels like her character will get with Jon Bon Jovi’s, who apparently broke her heart years ago. Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker’s character. She needs a place to wear that dress, and Duhamel is in a tux.)

• Robert De Niro looks to be on a roof and talks poetically… so I’ll say he’s dying, too. He’s someone’s father. Probably Parker’s character’s. (That’s how Duhamel’s character could end up running into her at the hospital.)

Watch the trailer below. Your predictions?

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